When I changed my heart about how I felt about me

LOVINGMEHave you found that there are days that when you are doing your evaluation of the things that are bugging you that you want to pout and say, “Why me?” Well I do remember asking myself that very thing. I would be going over the things that I needed to change about how I was responding to my world, the interaction with my husband and children, and like all of us I was trying very hard not to blame him or the children for what was making me mad at the time.

I remember thinking to myself that I needed to learn how to stand in the joy of each of my choices yet I was still seeing that no matter what I was doing, how I would change my actions steps, I was still getting the same feedback. I would get so frustrated wondering why, when I was spending so much time contemplating and bringing the true spirit into my being so I could walk within the Universal Truth, why is nothing changing even though I feel this pull at my heart to not only walk this but to teach it to others that have the desire to do the same as I am doing.

No matter how I prayed it was only coming back at this 75%. It was not until I realized that there was so much more than just changing the physical steps I was taking. It had to do with when I changed my heart about how I felt about me. Yes, that was the part that was holding me back. Can you believe that? Well it is the truth.

I began to see that actions that I had taken in the very beginning of my relationship were affecting the relationship I was having today. For me, as I began to look at the core of who I was, I began to see how at times I had not been fair to those in my life even though I was a nice person. I made good choices for those around me but not for the internal Delrae. This is what you, as the god being, need to begin to understand is the core of anyone’s issues. It is very difficult to begin to understand how standing up for the core of who you are in each and every choice that you make is really the basis of all disappointment or satisfaction in lifer, because there is no better reason at all.

You will learn so much about the who and what of your soul and the why you chose this time to be on this glorious planet. It becomes the most beautiful life experience that you will ever have. It does not get in the way of the physical life that you are now in. It enhances and brings such sweet love and joy into your life. It feels so good and while you are feeling so good, you are living the most wonderful experience there can be and that is getting to know the true god being that you are and have always been throughout time, space, and gravity.





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