When a Friend decides to leave our life what then

When you think you are going along fine and then you hear from a friend that they no longer want to participate with you what do you do?

Do you give them the respect of ok, you have that right, and go on.

Do you bother them further for an explanation?

What is the method that we should walk through so our heart does not hurt any more because of the empty feeling that seems to be left there in  our heart? I know in my life and my work I make many wonderful friends, acquaintances. I know that one of the lessons I am learning is not to attach importance to someone else. To recognize that it was the moments that they were in my life that was the utter joy. To stand in those moments and to hold them as special. Not to hold the loss of the friendship as the remembrance.

Do, I feel sad, do I cry for this loss? I am still working on this. I go back and look at where my heart was at the time of the friendship. Was I honest, did I have an integrity in my words and actions with the friend even though we are always growing?

If we stand in the greatest integrity we can then we are ok.

If we try to hold a friend longer than they desire to be in our lives we are only holding on to the feeling of being whole while we had the friendship.

Instead we should be looking at the fact that it is our job to fill the space where the hole is in our lives.

We should be grateful for the fact that our friend gave us the time so that when they were no longer in our life, we could then begin to fill the hole so we are the ones in charge of fixing us.

For once again, I am learning that it is my job and my job alone to make me happy. I am in charge of writing my story. I get to decide if I am going to be happy or sad.

I honor you my friend. For the gift you have given me. For a time as I am searching to fill this hole for myself I will mourn you not being in my life any more.

Thank you for the strength you have to see what I have not been able to … I shall go on and I shall make this hole , whole once again… for I get to write my own story. Have a wonderful day all of you.

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