What you’re living is what you asked for. Happy yet?

Take-Responsibility-for-your-lifeWhat is your need to be heard? To the exclusion of listening to the very contrast that you are begging to hear? When you are in a state of unrest and your mind just does not let you have peace, why do you run away from the words that would set you free? I have watched many and they come in such unrest and their stories and words just make them go around and around in circles. I can see how much confusion they are in.

Does it really hurt so bad, that when someone is sharing the secret to free yourself that you cannot tell that they are sharing the truth with you in love? How often does this happen? You know, after you have exhausted yourself, and the very thing you feared most is now being experienced, you go to friends and family and they try to share with you what they saw happening… why do you rally against their words?

My advice to each and everyone of you is to learn that what feels like criticism is really the ticket to go internal and look at why those words triggered you. Why you respond with anger or mistrust. It is right there that you will see where you personally took action steps.

Most the time the action steps you took seemed to be a good idea. Yet today, with further contemplation, would you take the very same steps again? My guess is you would not.

Why do I say that ? I say that because you are here, and you are hurting, and you want to have the old way back again. How often do you claim that you have tried to change and it seems to blow up in your face? Well, there are certain innate patterns that you may not want to look at. It is those very patterns that you need to look at. They are the things that are causing you to react and in that reaction you are getting physical experiences that are challenging you to look at your opinions and ideas.

youaskedforitNothing comes at you that you have not asked for. Do You Hear Me? Nothing comes into your physical experience that you have not asked the Divine Universe for!!!!

So why did you ask for the explosions and breaking apart of your world? Do you really have the courage to look at your choices? Do you have the courage to have others tell you what they have seen in your behavioral patterns? Or are you really wanting those people around you to change so that you do not have to look at the kind of person that your actions, your thoughts, your opinions and beliefs, have created?

This is not a fun game when you find yourself looking at your life crumbling around your feet. Yet learn to have love and empathy for yourself and your walk. The reason it is crumbling is because you have asked for change. Yes, that is correct you have asked for change. Now with love, pull yourself up, dust off your clothes, and take the steps that are going to bring you peace of mind, love in your heart, and many friends and family once again in your life.

You are the one who asked for change, stop resisting the look of your change. Take one step at a time. Yes, you only think you know who you are, but you may be very surprised when you start really taking a look at yourself. You are the one that is not happy, so it is your responsibility… not someone else’s, to really make the change in your thoughts, words, and deeds.

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