What webs we weave. Only one thread? mind chatter

I am beginning to understand that mind chatter has a lot of strings attached to it. I have found that it is the voices of my mothers, grandmothers, church elders, teachers, and anyone else that Parented me through their filter system. Those people who do not understand that we have a God guidance system, each and every one of us. We just have to be taught how to allow the internal voice to be the loudest. Why would not those that love and care for us want us to learn and use that system?

Well, the first thing is you cannot control through fear, guilt or punishment. So how do you get someone to do what you want them to? The mind chatter is very simply all of those voices that have used fear, guilt or punishment to get us to walk over what, from the time we were a very young child, was an internal boundary. So every time we should have been filling our own needs, we were forced because someone in authority over us used one of the before mentioned processes to get us to do otherwise. Even those times as a small child when we were forced to share our favorite possession. We were taught right then and there that we were insignificant.

I have looked at that one moment in my life as a turning point. I have spent much time on contemplating on that one act that parents do. I use the term “parents” for a reason, for a true guardian only asks questions, lets the one asking questions for direction to make their own choice then later comes back and helps the person see how it works out and ask themselves if they would they make the same choice again. Did the person like the outcome of the event or situation? I did begin to understand the word detachment as I was discovering how mind chatter began. That like so many things, as you pull one thread of understanding it leads to many concepts coming to the surface.

Which in the beginning seems like shifting sands, like you never really get a handle on any one idea long enough to feel safe.

Yet maybe we are not to feel safe as we are letting go. Why? Because would we let go of all the old ideas and concepts if we felt safe as we were letting them go? Is that not what makes us learn to feel safe? The fact that as we thought we were free-falling we never really landed with a bang that hurt us? Questions to think about…

Do you agree with me? If you do not I say challenge me.. come on I would love to hear your ideas

have the most wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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