What was I trying to teach myself?

When we come to this point in our lives we are very excited. Are we ready to change how we look at  the experiences that we have had in the past? To start looking at them as the person that directed how the story begins? To ask what characters we’re going to put in the plot, the sub-plot and the ending?

We tend to feel that we did not have a choice in the characters in our stories. Yet how would it make you feel to discover that all of the people who you have had in your life were always by your choice. Now, are you going to begin to judge yourself on the choices you made? This is where you can stop yourself before you get lost. Some of us can get lost for years right here.

A question you should begin to ask yourself at this point is:

What understanding did I get about myself using this character?

Depending on the answer, what you come to will then lead you to the next question.

We can get lost in the sadness. It is not about getting stuck on asking, “why would I choose this experience that brings me pain or loss?.”

My beginning students lose sight of accountability and responsibility when we start this section of learning. When we  believe that someone else is in charge of our stories we then can believe we can have someone else affect our feelings. So… you have to choose here in this place and time of your lives.

Do you want to be accountable, which means you will allow new understandings to become your every day thinking? Being responsible then means you are the direct cause of how your story is written, who is in the story, and you recognize the outcome is of your making.

This is when we start pulling up our boot straps and stop the lies that we have  been telling ourselves.

This sounds harsh when it is first spoken but when we allow ourselves to absorb this concept and then use it, it becomes the tool to begin our free choices.





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