What Stops Your Creations?

What stops your creations?

When I use the word creation, I am using that term to describe to you the life experience you desire to have. So when you look at the lifestyle that you have do you question yourself , “How did I end up being here?” This is not what I expected as an outcome.”

If you have read any of my previous blog posts you can find out in more detail. In those details you can get more familiar with the terms I use. For right now though I will go into a small amount of explaining the process.

Do your dreams and the lifestyle you feel you need match what you feel about yourself internally? This is a very serious question. I have not asked it out of jest. Those feelings that you have about yourself hold a vibration. That vibration draws to you a like physical experience. That experience is what you are having right now today.

So it is very important to take a stand that it is your internal thoughts about any and everything that creates for you the very experiences you are having. Do you desire change? Then you must begin internally first and foremost. At first it will seem a very difficult thing to comprehend. You will want to turn outward and blame those things around you or those people around you… “if the circumstances would just change then I could be happy”. The truth is the less time you spend on how your inner thoughts got started and without the process of evaluation to eliminate old outdated ideas and beliefs you are simply reliving all those old things from your past.

So it is not only the process of changing how you feel about things today, it is about going in and changing the stories that you repetitively tell from your past. I spend a lot of time listening to my clients when they are sharing their stories of their pasts. They are so wonderfully good at repeating the story in the very same emotions as when they had the experience the very first time. Yes, even after all they have learned and the huge tool bag they have because of all the new things they have learned about life and how it all works. They still forget how important it is to be integral.

Being integral means that they share the old story, but from the perspective of how they now know that the story they told had them as a victim of circumstance and not the focused person of knowing that at that very moment of choosing a path is what gave them the experience.

So, for you to be the true force behind your creations, you must take charge of all the thoughts, words, and choices that you are making. It is the internal part of you that will either support the needs of your creations or bring to you the old experiences that you desire to leave behind you.

Be careful in how you use your words they carry a vibration it is that vibration that begins the formulation of your new experience so if you unconsciously have desires, hopes and dreams without taking charge of how you truly feel about yourself and why you desire the change you have created an invisible barrier between the old creation and the new desired experience .


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