What shall we do for now?

I am sure, like myself, you have found yourself wondering, ‘why is my life feeling like it is in a holding pattern?’ Well, if you are in this holding pattern may I suggest you take a deep breath, for in the next second you could find yourself spiraling out into outer space.

Yes, I do mean take a deep breath. Yes I do mean that when we do not take the time to look at our lives and become intimate with them we can find ourselves on the side of a road in the ditch and not know how the heck we got there. 

Whenever you find yourself in a holding pattern it is best to take a deep look at what has been happening in your daily life.

The answer is right there in front of you. I have been working with many people and this is probably the most tricky of times. Yet it is the beginning of new understandings and the most wonderful adventures in your life. Even if you never ever leave your home again.

How can this be you ask… this person is very silly saying my life could become the greatest it has ever been even if I never leave my home again.

No, I am not nuts. When we decide to wake up and see that we have not gotten or done the things we wanted to do, then we have come to the place that will allow us the greatest understandings of this wonderful, magnificent Universe.

There are so many secrets right inside your very being. Have you ever contemplated on the words Micro and Macro Cosmic? I suggest that you go to the dictionary and look up the words and then just sit and feel what that means.

What does it mean that everything inside of me is the same wonder that is outside in the vast expansion of the Universe? Can this be? Can what we feel and that which is our body be exactly the same Universe that I see when I look up into the heavens above me?

I say yes!

All that is outside you is also inside of you. Can you test this theory to see for yourself the wonders to behold the moment you begin to look within for the answers of why you are still in the same place you were months past, some times even years past?

I dare you! Challenge yourself and if you need, challenge me……

Have the most glorious day and into the evening tide…

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