What parameters mean to you

linesSo you are beginning to understand the importance of having parameters in your life and you can now see that not having them has made you personally a little lackidaisical. So now you are at a space where you must begin to look at what parameters mean to you. Can you see that parameters, after getting used to them, actually teache the brain how to prepare for your physical life expression? Can you see by the people who live with you, whether they are young or old, that living within parameters brings comfort and the feeling of safety?

So why have you thought that having rules and regulations in your style of life was a bad thing?

Yes, if you are just beginning to have them and you have a family that is used to you not having them, there will be resistance but once everyone realizes the joy and benefits, how they are also learning and growing then they will start to appreciate parameters. Most of all they are now learning the importance for themselves… the ‘whys’ you are teaching them as you teach yourself the safety in knowing how you are going to make choices before a life experience begins.

Parameters allow you to grow and understand the reasons you do those daily routines. They allow you to move to the fullest of your needs by knowing ahead of time what your life has as barriers. For example you have three age groups with your children, you have small children not in school, grade school age, and high school age. For the children that are tiny you are not going to let them stay up as long as the high schoolers. They may be crabby with you at first yet you know it is their need to sleep, to get up early, and have their busy day. Plus you need to remember you need down time as they go to bed as well.

I will not go into the other ages but I hope you can see that each level has a different parameter within the whole. So now… what is your parameter within the whole of your life? If you have bills you have a parameter of meeting your debt each month. Yet you get to choose for yourself what job makes you the happiest. You get to choose where you live, what clothes you wear, the type of house you live in, etc.

This is creating parameters and this helps you see that you are not a bad person by having them and asking those that are interacting with you to play within them. Just remember that to be whole and complete for yourself you know that you should only be filling your needs so allow those others to as well not participate if it is not their need. Give them the option of not playing with you without you using guilt or obligation to have them do what you need counter to what they need. I work with so many people who are trying to break the bonds of parents, friends, or spouses who use manipulation and not sharing truths to keep people playing with them way over the health of the others.





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