What makes your life easier and easier?

make lifeeasierWhat makes your life easier and easier? The first thing of course is to know and love the parameters that you are living in. Now this can seem like ‘why do I want to love the prison cell that I am living in?’ The secret is to remember you are in total charge of the size and conditions of that so-called cell. I know these words are really extreme yet some of your feelings about your life today are very extreme as well.

So first let’s talk about what the parameter is in a persons life. The parameter is the boundary; it is the place you live and how you are choosing to live your life. The way to learn to expand in your parameter is to recognize the part you play in creating the parameter and so realize, if you created the parameter you can then learn how to expand your awareness so that you can fly within that parameter at which time you then change the parameter.

It is the choices you make whether to learn how to be focused and totally aware that you and only you are in charge of how you are going to respond to the world around you. What does this really mean, you are the one in charge? This is where you begin to take a look at the fact that you are the core, the center of your life. You may in the past have looked at others as having more wisdom or learning than you do so you have given your choices over to them. This is not the case for you and your heart.

Who knows your thoughts and heart feelings better than you? Yes, you have pushed your feelings down so that you may not recognize them at first because it was easier for you, or so you thought, not to argue or stand up for your true needs so yes it will feel very strange in the beginning to stand up with quiet dignity, with true empathy for you, as you begin to learn how to speak up for your heart. Remember those people that you feel have a greater wisdom, if they are questioning you so you learn how to listen to your own heart of heart they are the true Guardians and yes they have wisdom yet they are the ones that are teaching you how to do and walk for you and only you in your choices.

Now I know this will take practice because the Self is Necessary that I am talking about is not that you are cruel and that you just are all that, instead there is an internal knowing that allows you to make choices before others are involved in any of the physical steps. It is in knowing the deep part of yourself that allows you to play with people around you in a gentle and loving way. Because you already know who you are and if the physical things that you are doing are the things you truly desire to do.

Can you understand it is because you understand the parameter that you are playing in is what you have created and you are happy and in harmony that allows you to always love the life and the experiences you are having. If this is not the case then simply look at the choices that put you where you are at, at that very moment…….

It is and has always been the choices that you,yourself have made……..





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