What it means when you have let yourself down

Guilt is the killer of all our dreams!

I have been working with you on choices and where that puts you today yet, there is another subject that we have to look at as well and that is guilt.

My definition of guilt is: guilt is the distance between what you emulated from a child’s perspective about what your life was going to be like -vs- what you are now experiencing as an adult.

Take some time and delve into these words I have just written.

You lost sight or put aside those concepts and ideals you had as a young person. What has happened to your choice making that you have such a deep divide between what you know was going to be your life compared to what your life has become?

This is guilt. Yes, for you are not living up to your standards. It is that simple. Yes, we can say it is because of our parents, or spouses, our significant others, our children… we can say it is everyone else. Yet the internal truth is, as I simply stated earlier, you have let yourself down.

Many times this process begins when something very jarring to you happens in your young life. It is then when you are formulating your ideas about how you want to live. You are looking at others lives and yours and you are building a foundation of how you desire you life to be when you are grown. What were your ideas? Do not give these thoughts up. Take time right now to give them credence. Let them come back to the surface of your memories.

Why did you desire to have your life this way? Begin to ask yourself the questions of why you had begun to emulate these concepts and ideas. What was going on in your young life that was having you make up your mind about how you were going to live your adult life?

Now take the time and look at when you made choices to not honor what your young self was beginning to create for you. Of course you must reason out between the two what a healthy life for you should be. Be honest with yourself, why did you take the life choices that you did? Did you even recognize that what you were emulating as a child would and is affecting your adult life?

Hence the guilt part I began this blog with. It is, as it’s always been, about you for you. Let’s begin unlocking these pieces about yourself. It shall set you free!

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