What is your style of life?

livingWhen you are working on having your creations, the style of life, or those special things that you have always wanted to experience, and you seem to keep missing it by just a smidge do you ask yourself why? I know for a very long time I spent lots and lots of hours learning how to be positive, and then wondering why the things that I felt should be my experience never seemed to touch me for very long. I did get to touch some of the successes I desired or I think I would have given up. Then I began to realize that if I wasn’t willing to make the changes that were really sitting in my heart about the world that I lived in I sure would not be able to even feel the world I wanted to have and experience .

Yes, did you hear loudly what you just read? Okay I will repeat what I just said… Are you willing to make the changes to the way you think and feel about how you say you want to experience your world? This is what it takes to see, hear, smell, and feel a new way of living.

It takes time from you, it takes discipline from you, it takes cutting to the bone truth from you, for you to really have changes in your life and to learn how to allow the style of life that you have felt was yours all along. So if this is the case, and for me I felt deep inside of me in my quiet inner thoughts that I was suppose to have a style of life that was just perfect for me, then you know as I did that it is you that is not in balance, not the world around you. Again this is Universal truth. Why you ask?

I say this because this planet is supporting the most predominant thoughts and feelings that you have in that quiet place within you. Look around you and in truth with those thoughts and feelings that you are having does your world not support those very feelings and thoughts?

Then begin the process to change how you think and feel about your life. It shall not be a poof from a magic wand. It will not be handed to you on a silver platter . It shall be given to you the moment you make the life decision to walk this life you have in the Universal Truth. You must take stock of your thoughts and feelings, which by the way are yours and only yours. Not another Being can stop you from having them within your own being so don’t go and try to use others to keep you a victim. Be the whole and complete god being you have always known you intended on being.

It is the discipline that you have for you and only you that will change the life you are now living and you will then see how quietly your life will change, how smoothly things will work out, even greater than you could imagine .

Try it and see for yourself ………..





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