What IS Your Story?

One of the things I have noticed with a lot of the people I work with is that they seem to not want to study the history and stories that they have told about themselves. As I have contemplated on this idea, I of course have looked back at my own study of myself.

One of the things that I tried to allow for myself was constructive criticism from others; the hard part was finding the person or mentor who could give constructive criticism without having their personal feelings about my life choices. I am sure that you have also run into those who try to offer their criticism without them looking at how they feel about the life scenario that you are discussing.

So, that was my first hurdle, learning how, no matter what life choice was made by one of my students or clients, that I could stay neutral and simply show both sides of the life choice. I am proud to say that as I began to study on what  Neutrality really means I began to see how to walk with someone just for the joy of seeing someone begin to have peace of mind, body and spirit. It was the most phenomenal experience for me to watch.

It takes practice to be someones contrast, in the purest form of love, to learn not to take it personally when they deflect from the history of their story that is not serving them. The one turning point for everyone is when they stop defending the very thing that if they let go of they will be on their way to true understanding. On their way to really having that internal guidance system successfully guiding them.

That internal guidance system will never, ever, steer you in the wrong direction. It is the stories that you are calling your history that do that. You will learn to use your feelings to guide you vs. your physical eyes. You will understand the sages and philosophers of the past, you will be traveling along the same roads as they have and you will come to the very same conclusions, to the answers that anyone looking for the Universal truth finds.

Every day finding something wonderful out about yourself, which takes away one more story that was only standing in your way of the truth. It is so thrilling to get one grain of sand worth of information and then spend the rest of the day learning about you, how you are part of this most wonderful Universal dance.

As I watch now, I see how people, places, and things are brought together by vibrations that are calling out to be experienced for you and those that are brought into the Universal dance with you so that each of you can have an experience that brings you another truth. Even when you see that their dance and lesson are  different from yours but, because of the similar vibrational rate, it is the reason you were brought together.

This all begins to be your world once you simply give up deflecting from your history and stories that you, yourself created..

Have a most glorious day.
Delrae J Bantz

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