What is the reason that you excuse your bad behavior?

What is the reason that you excuse your bad behavior? Is it possible that you believe by claiming you have emotional scars you get to act badly to everyone around you? I have heard for a very long time that because of emotional scars you do not have to take accountability for how you behave today. Well, take the time with me and I shall show you by your actions and non-actions how those trauma’s were a direct result of your thoughts, your words and your deeds.

Yes, you can say, “how dare you say such a thing to me.”, but I am and I shall continue to show you how to take your power back; to teach you how you can, just like I have, learn to see how your actions or non-actions really did lead you to your trauma. If you are willing to feel what I am saying, if you are willing to ask ,“Can I truly have my own power in all the things I experience in this world?” and if you’re willing to take the walk, I can show you how.

You will gladly ask me many questions about how to do this as we, you and I, walk through where you made choices that walked over your own boundaries. Where you stopped giving yourself the respect that is due to each and every God being on this planet. It is your birthright to have simple Joy here. Yes, if you can stop long enough not to be mad at me or yourself for your not being courageous enough to do what was very simply the right thing to do for just you.

We have to stand up and stop trying to be and do for another God-being. If they desire to learn to take their power back I am here for them as well. Stop feeling guilty because you have a right to be happy. Yes… it is true! And when you are happy then everyone around you reaps in that happiness as well.

So let’s get back to your bad behavior and what brought you to a place that you could so dishonor you. That is the simple and plain truth of it. Anytime you disrespect yourself in a behavior that harms another’s feelings or body or things, you are dishonoring yourself.

You are saying: you are not strong and healthy and filled with love and joy. You have to break down someone else and place them at your level so that you can feel good about yourself. Every time you get angry or upset stop and ask yourself, “What have I done to myself in the past that I have forgotten?” The anger that was triggered is like a bookmark from the past. It is there to show you where you missed something. This is one of the places you side-stepped your feelings because you did something not right for you but for the other person.


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