What is the #1 lie we tell ourselves?

When we are working on changing ourselves so that we can truly be happy, we must begin by looking at ourselves and where we sit in our opinions and beliefs. Before we go anywhere else we must look at the truth of the beliefs and opinions we currently hold.

Each and every time we express an opinion or a belief that no longer fits who we are, we are truly re-creating that energy all over again in our lives. When we tell stories to others about our life history if we tell them in the original pain and thoughts we are simply re- creating the pain and sorrow.

If we tell our stories of who we are and the walk we took to get to today, with the insights and learning we gained along the way included, then we are letting the past stay in the past.

I hear this so often with my students and clients. They are claiming they want to change but they simply do not change the stories about who and what they are and have become.

It is a very easy process to speak about. It takes greatĀ vigilanceĀ on the part of the person who is desiring the changes. Why do I say this? It is because we have many things held in our stories about our past. Our egos, is the greatest one. Who are we if we did not have the past that made us who we are today? Yet, every day you carry that past you make it your greatest burden. We even try to use it against the people in our lives, like they should be accountable for our past.

Did we not make the choices in our past?

Oh, go ahead… I have heard all the excuses for us not being accountable . You have made choices, you made every choice in your life. If you do not like the choices that is fine, but, we have to get past blaming anyone else and I do mean ANYONE ELSE, for the choices we have made.

You must look at the choices that you did not like and truly look at them. You were afraid to make a different choice. In that you are not claiming you did not have a choice .

Claiming you did not have a choice… That is the number one lie we tell ourselves.

Do you agree with me? I would love to hear what you have to say…

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