What is Holding You Hostage?

shame-GWSOne of the most exciting things that happens to you when you begin this trek in earnest is when you begin to feel for the first time the thrill of finding out how an old story was holding you hostage. Yes, hostage!

You will be so delighted to find out how you have been responding out of a place of pain and emotion. Once you start to take charge of your understandings of the emotional pain and how you compartmentalized those leanings, you will see how you let that creep up and get in the way of the truth of the scenario that is at hand today.

You will begin to see how taking accountability for the story you have told in an emotional state in the past, really does color how you interact with people in your everyday life now. As you begin to see how the hurt emotions have colored each and every aspect of your life, you will be able to feel it begin to rise up in an emotional way as you are interacting in what you would term a normal exchange. Yet, you will have a response that others would call irrational. That is truly because, at the time you had the original experience, you did not have a Guardian who knew how to support you in your emotional state, as well as walk you through the experience to show you where you made choices and how those choices brought about the results of the interaction that I am calling the stories of your life.

Once you begin to see how to break down your choices, how those choices are a direct link to either a positive or a negative experience, you will be able to take charge of your internal knowings, which in turn allow you to have the power of true choice and not reactionary choices. That is how you are then truly in charge of your life expression and experiences.

You come to a place where you have your knowings, you make a decision on whether you are going to work with your knowing or not acknowledge them at that particular time. Then it is so very easy to make your daily, moment to moment, choices to support the direction that you  desire your life to take.

You will not have that feeling that someone else is in charge of your life. That you need permission from someone else to do or be someone you do not recognize as you. It is so freeing to see that you are, and have been since your first breath, in charge.

You have been led by parenting, social media, religion, to believe you have a duty to your family, friends, and social network above and beyond yourself. That is a falsehood. You will give your time to those things but not to the detriment of yourself and your soul. You should not be depleting your energy source of the internal you to do something for someone else.

You, by your example of how to be in total charge of your own life, your happiness, will in turn get people to come to you and ask, “What are you doing? Your life looks so great!” You then show by your examples – walk them through the very steps you have learned to do.






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