What is Communication?

What is communication? I have looked at this concept for some time. I think most would say that it’s easy when we talk to each other. I have found that not to be the case. I have found that there are many ways in which we can communicate to one another. I have also found that talking to someone does not guarantee that any form of communication is actually going on.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that just because we think we are talking directly to someone does not mean that even if it seems you have their full attention that you do.

How often are you having a conversation with someone and when you ask them later about the subject or the reference to that conversation they look at you and say, “I do not remember you ever saying that.”

Has this not been the case in your life? How often has this happened at work, or with family and friends… to have them follow through with something.

Has this not been a complaint for all of us. So, now you are beginning to understand that the art of listening and the are of talking are not one and the same?

I have also found that if the people you are talking to have an underlining fear or worry that is clouding up their brain with chatter then when you think you are talking and getting a response back, you are very likely setting yourself up for disappointment.  If you believe they are capable of retaining any or the most important parts of what you both had spoken about, you are asking the impossible.

I have found this with many of my students. It is probably the hardest part to get through. It is the reason that we let ourselves down the most. We cannot seem to empty that part of the brain enough to get to the helping tools that will change our lives for us.

So, again I ask you: What is communication? Can you give me a different answer this time?

I have spent many years learning and then incorporating a way to start breaking down mind chatter in my students and clients so they can indeed get the benefit of true change in their lives.

Do you agree with me? Challenge me; let us see where this will bring us.

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide..

2 thoughts on “What is Communication?

  1. This words seems to be pretty interesting and logical there is an old says golden words cannot be repeated so it defines that these words which was said is superb and ultimately awesome

    • Thank you for your words, I take this as a great compliment. As, you may already know my Name in French means of the “Golden Kings” so as I learned to center with the Universe and asked to be a divine inspiration to all that read my words that the title of my blogs did come to me.. Hence ,The Golden Words of Self. Glad it touched your heart and would love to talk to you again. Have a most wonderful and glorious day.. Delrae

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