What is an undercurrent and can we really get rid of them?

As I work with clients I am going back and trying to learn words that will help dislodge the undercurrents that seem to get in the way of a true student that desires real changes in their lives. It is not as easy as one would think. I have watched wonderful, kind people struggle with changing an idea or an opinion that has kept them hostage in an old way of life.

It is not easy to cleave oneself from an old thought or idea that they no longer desire. A question that I put to them is… “Why do you continue  to make actions steps from the very undercurrents that you are diligently desiring not to play in or with any longer?”

What I am finding out is that most times the client or student does not even realize they are doing so. They may have changed their life styles, they may have left relationships, yet they have found they are still experiencing the same life actions.

It is very depressing for them, for even after major changes they still have the same physical reactions and experiences in their actions with others. Again, it is simply because we have not come to grips with the real undercurrents that are dictating to us any physical experiences we are having. One of the major reasons for this is that you are judging yourself for the action steps you are taking. You have not given yourself the peace, that you are learning from each and every experience you are having.

I work with so many wonderful people who hold themselves hostage for things that simply are who they are. With the same love you would give to a small child , you must give to your learning process here. It does not matter what our age is. It is about just loving yourself for the walk itself.

Once we can begin to use our eyes in the way that we do not have to see ourselves as ‘bad’, we do not need to see anyone else as ‘bad’ either. Just the walk to find our true self at the end of the journey. It is not the Journey we take or how long , it is who we become because of the truths and understandings we allow ourselves to accept along the way. Try not to find the end, it is only about feeling good right now.

Do you agree with me? If not challenge me I would love to have you do so.

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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