What is a choice?

You would think that making choices in our daily life would be something we are conscious of doing. Yet, as I speak with people, I realize they are not even aware that they are making choices  to wake up happy or sad. What they are choosing to eat. The choice of whether to eat or not eat. To get dressed or not get dressed.

If we go about our day without being aware of choices that we are making, how then do we begin to make choices to change the things in our lives we are not happy with? One day we wake up and the burdens we carry just do not allow us to stand up.

Yes, that is exactly what most do. We wait until it is at a point that is so extreme that we seem to be in a space of no return.

That makes my heart so heavy for each and everyone one of us who are doing this. I know that we have been just as much in charge of choosing to not be aware of our choices as we are to become conscious…

…the problem of course is retraining ourselves to hear and understand that we always have a choice. And choices are always before us! When we don’t hear and understand that, we overlook the fact we had a choice that we skipped over, but instead we keep making the choices that could and do keep our lives the same. Imagine how your life could change when you realize you have more choices before you…  ones that step by tiny step change your life for the better.

I am so totally surprised that so many people do not see that the series of choices made in each day are what makes our lives. And then fail to realize just how far we walk away from the real us in the meantime.

To some it seems too arduous to bring choices back into the conscious state of our mind. I ask all of you… please reconsider… it is never too late to become aware that we, at each and every moment, can make a change in our lives that will make us happy or happier.

All you have to do is work on not being angry at yourself for not letting your conscious choice be out front and personal to you.

Yes, so many people want to be angry at themselves for giving up this conscious process. Please understand, that is what gets in the way of your new consciousness.

It is not about how much time has passed with you not conscious as it is about what an incredible life you can have each and every moment you are .

This sounds so very easy doesn’t it? Yet, we do spend so much time in judging ourselves and those around us. We are once again not simply and quietly making conscious choices.

Let’s talk about this, or any questions you may have.

Have a great day and into the evening tide.

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