What is a belief-vs-a truth.

I think the first place I would like to start is that beliefs are the glue that hold our stories together and they are needed every step of the way.

The thing that should be addressed and looked at is like all things, our beliefs must change as we grow from a baby to a toddler, to an adolescent, the teens and young adults as well as we get to what people call old age.

With each stage of life there are beliefs that hold true for that level of understanding. Yet, within that understanding we have to form our abilities to make choices for self.

We combine our thoughts and our experiences up to date, and form beliefs. The problem arises if we do not have a guardian that will teach us how to form the questions that we should be asking ourselves. Then we end up forming beliefs that affect our thinking process for a very long time.

Without the proper questions we cannot see that our feelings, which is where all truth lies, are being pushed out of the way. We have not used the solvent that UN-does the glue of the belief that is the direct cause to all of our physical experiences, that we are saying we wish we were not having.

We, as a whole, use the experiences that we deem as negative to break down so that we can see and feel where we have gotten in the way with our beliefs. Yes, I suggest that we all begin to contemplate on all experiences.

It is too easy for us to always make something work. Even if in reality it has only come in at 25%. We always want to look at where we have done something right. This is where beliefs re-enforce the concept of right and wrong. We need to begin to understand that the truth is that all things are a learning experience for us to grow. We, are in the process of growing back into the light. The light of the total Universe.

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