What does it mean when conflict is coming at you?

conflictIt is very important to see how often you deflect yourself from truly hearing your inner truths. When it seems that conflict is coming at you the first thing you can do to defuse the situation is to, with all sincerity, ask a question. Yes, you read that correctly. It is not about defending yourself. Let me tell you why. You will always know when you are sitting in the Universal truth. The reason why is that everyone on this planet will know the minute they hear truth. So remember, if you are being questioned at all it is because you have asked for the understanding of what it is that is on your mind .

Now if you are getting conflict at you in the answering process it is because you are sitting in the vibration of anger. Can you see this? Another tool to keep in the front of your mind. Nothing comes to you that you have not sent out first! This is the simple truth. Now that might at first drive you mad, or make you mad, yet the faster that you really get a handle on the understanding that if you are having a lot of sad people around you and sharing their sadness it is because you are sad. If you are having rude people around you it is because you are sitting in rude vibration about who you are and what your life is looking like. Unravel you thoughts, ideas, and the beliefs that you are holding about this world. How do you really think about the people you are living with? Those that you are working with? How do you feel about where you are living?

Take a very serious look at where your thoughts are generally taking you. It is this overall feeling that you carry within your head, because you are not cleaning your thoughts out each and every day you are having a build up of that kind of vibration. It leaks out after time, it is all that you are going to experience. Scary thought, but it is those very thoughts (emotions) that you are experiencing. Again I repeat, what you spend most of your thoughts on is what you are experiencing.

By getting a handle on this fact, you can begin to work on the reasons you have those thoughts. As you begin to take charge of your thoughts you will see the physical world following through and having those experiences. The tricky thing about this glorious world is it will always have the physical expression follow your thoughts. Once you take care of your thoughts and they begin to only express your heart, that deep heart of love, you will only experience that love throughout each and every thing you are doing. That is the trick. You and only you can be in charge of your thoughts. No one… I mean no one …is in that head of yours but you so you are the one accountable to change how your thoughts are running your life.





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