What do you need?!?

whatdoyouneedAgain I would like to talk about losing out on a creation that you have a great need for. At the same time you are asking me to describe for you what a need is. I do have to say that question does take me back a bit. I have had to sit back and contemplate on how to describe for others what their needs should feel like and how they can know that it is their need when I am explaining to them what their need is.

In the past that has made me upset with the person. Yes, because you want to make it my responsibility that you don’t know your need.

Instead I start with basics. Are you happy? If you are not happy with your current situation then it is your job to take a whole and complete step for yourself in filling your own needs. I generally see that you begin a step to fill your need and because the intensity lessens you completely lose sight that you had a need. Each and every one of you have a need to be happy; Not numb, not merely okay, and definitely not ‘fine’, but really, truly, happy. It is about setting a parameter for happiness and then following it all the way through until you are completely happy. If you do not know how to create a parameter or do not understand what that is, then you must take it upon yourself to truly find out.

Without the walls to build your life upon you are in a state of void and by the definition of the word there is no movement one way or another, backwards or forwards, you are simply getting up, working, going to bed, and not feeling any true kind of achievement. Do fool yourself… half steps get you nowhere. You will just have to build up the steam of making the change you wanted again and again, You will wake up one day and see that days, months, and sometimes even years, have past you by and all you managed was to float in your void.

What is a need? First of all, are you the one filling all your basic needs? If not, you need to pull up your pants and you must ask yourself some tough questions and they need to be answered. Being passive and waiting for someone else to do it or make the change you want, will find you getting nowhere fast and still not happy.

A parameter is the format that surrounds fulfilling and maintaining your basic needs. I will start there first. Do you have a home that you can call your own? Where you can spend your time any way you desire? Do you have the job you desire? Are you living in a way that you feel safe and sound?

If you cannot answer these questions with yes, then you have been fooling yourself that you are making changes in the true sequence to have your needs come to you. So go back, look at what your heart needs, and take the steps today… not some other day that may never appear because you have been very good at giving yourself a time and space but you do not realize if the thoughts are in your head, then that is the time and the space in the sequence to begin the process. If you have to push the thought away from you, you are creating a weight that you carry with you throughout each and every moment. That is what then neutralizes any and all other creations from becoming your life experience.

The best way to receive your creations in a timely fashion is to simply take the steps that you dread the most first. You are doing yourself, please hear these words, you are doing yourself a dis-service when you do not do the uncomfortable steps first. Get it behind you! Why??? It is the only way you will see that just behind what you are calling “ick” is the most glorious feeling of self love and accomplishment, of Freedom for Self, and you will see how simple and easy it is to create just for you .. it really is only about creating just for you.

Who else really cares enough?






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