What do you feel?

You would think, because we all have feelings, that we would all know how to work with them and not against them. That is not what I have found out up to this date. I have found that most people can not recognize their feelings when I ask them the question, “What do you feel about this or that?”

It is the most basic thing that we have, yet so many people are not in touch with the most basic piece of themselves.So of course we must begin with this first step. For each person it is a different feeling that tripped them up. Each one had a different experience that got them to walk away from what they knew to be the best thing for themselves. They all had different reasons for walking away from themselves.

Yet that is the basis that everyone has to start at. When was the first time that you did something that took you away from yourself?

This is the saddest part of my work. It should not be, but it is. This is where each of us begins to realize: I could have stayed true to myself. Of course the first thing we have to come to is what would have truly been the retribution?

That is the second thing I hear. ‘I would have gotten in trouble.’ Okay, that might have been the case. I say, might have. You did not challenge this so it is only a theory that you have been working under.

I have found that if you stand in the quiet truth, It does not need defending.
Are you willing to stand in the simple, quiet, truth? No matter what the punishment might be? I was and am. I have found the Truth wins out every time.
But, because you walked away from your feelings, you feel you have no choices today. That is why I ask you, is it worth today walking away from yourself and your true feelings way back when you did the first time? The truth sets us all free. One at a time, but it always sets you free.

Once you begin simply standing in your feelings and speaking the truth in love you will and are free.





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