what do we ask for when we need change?

What do we ask for when we need change? I think this is probably one of the most common questions we ask. We already know what we need! We need to ask ourselves why are we afraid to take the first small step so we can allow the change in our lives.

I have found that we spend too much time focused on the outcome of our change. I think we should know what the outcome is we desire. Then we should go about each and every day taking the steps that are presented. Try not to question how the steps will get you to your outcome. Just try to take the step that leaps out.

You will be very surprised that when you try this in your life, you find yourself at your outcome without having experienced any hesitation or angst about the way to go or how long it was going to take to get there.

We just look up and our lives have changed. Yes it is really that easy… It is our worry and fear about traveling to the outcome that really prevents us from ever taking the first step. Hence we live without the outcome. For some of us for our entire lives. That is very sad to think so many people live without the things they desire most, simply because of their fixation about the outcome and failing to take the very first step.

I kid you not. This is the simple thing that gets in your way..

What we should be looking for is the very first thing that you can get started with to take the first step. Which is generally simply asking yourself, “What is it I desire and why do I want the desire?” Please do not get flippant with yourself. You get to have your desire. It is simply that we get so tired of being told we have to wait, we do not have enough money, not enough time, too old, too young, these are just a few things, the list can go on and on… can it not?

Then look for the opportunity for just the one step. We do generally miss this very first step.

Push yourself to get out of your own way. We are the only one in our way, we are the only one telling and giving the excuses. Do you hear anyone else talking in your head?

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