What brings happiness to me?

To stand strong within ourselves, to learn that all things are lessons, to know that judgment is only something that is here… not a part of the Universal truth. How do I know these things? It becomes apparent when you go within yourself and ask ,”How does this work?, What really is the truth about our world?” When a person really goes within themselves and begins to really want change… change comes.

Self accountability is the key to all that will change our life.

Self responsibility is what then continues us on our path.

These are the two most important ingredients to becoming successful unto one’s self. The learning that we are the lesson, that every physical experience here is set up by us for us is key into recognizing that all things teach us. Yet, the single biggest challenge, the thing that kicks us in the butt every time, is when we look outside of ourselves for an excuse for the ‘something’ happening in our lives.

In other words, as long as I looked at my spouse, my parents, my children, my boss’s,  or friends as being at fault for my sadness, my lack of, my not being successful or happy, I was really never happy in the first place. The moment that I started looking at what and who I was, I then found the tools that started me on the road to being happy.

My life with others still has chaos in it. I still have bills that sometimes I have to wait to pay.. Yet I do not feel chaos, I do not fret over the bill. I allow for the fact that my life can still be happy. Having the money or not having the money to pay it does not determine my happiness.

Having a family member in distress does not determine whether or not I am happy.

I have found that to be happy one simply must be happy.

I look at the physical world and learn the lessons it is providing for me. That is the beginning of true happiness. My physical world does not define how I feel. It simply is a path to learn how to be happy, without having a circumstance change how I feel.

How do you feel about these words? Really if you do not agree with me then challenge these words I would love to hear from you .

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

2 thoughts on “What brings happiness to me?

  1. I agree with you 100% I am just starting to learn that others are not in control of my emotions and happiness unless I allow them to be. I am just starting to see that my partner, my child, my friend or my mother being down, mad, sad, angry, does not mean I need to feel that way too. I am just learning that I can choose how I feel each moment of the day, with each situation I face I can make a choice about how I am going to react. And you know… most times I ‘want’ to be happy, so I am! It really is quite liberating to discover and it is definitely far less stressful than basing my emotions and reactions on the feelings and actions of others!

    • You are on the right track in understanding that to always walk for your internal happiness, for with out you what do you have. I am so glad that my words strike a cord with in you … Have a wonderful day and hope to hear from you again.

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