What are you telling yourself?

the-worst-lies-are-the-ones-you-tell-yourself1I have spent the last couple of weeks talking about the difference between talking and communicating; sharing many facets of how you talk to fill space in the air around you vs really having a communication with others which in turn is the process of allowing yourselves to hear the thoughts that are going on within your own minds.

As long as we are only thinking about our changes and the decisions that we are wanting to make, we will never really get anything done. If we only talk to ourselves in our heads we have no contrast to show us that we are living in our old stories that have brought us to our current unhappiness. Without using words out loud, spoken to someone else, we  will never see that our thoughts are not supporting the new self.

So you should be asking yourself… how is it possible, when you know what it is you desire to have in your life, that you would let an old thought process get in your way to the new you?

Well, are you telling yourself you have no time to make the changes?
Just how are you telling yourself that?
By saying what with your work schedule, your children, your families, you simply do not have time left over to go out and do what it takes to make your new life?

I hear from so many people that as soon as things slow down that they will go out and make the changes they need. They do not seem to see that days, weeks and months go by and they have not taken even one step toward the life they feel in their hearts needs to be to make them happy.

Are you one of those people? Are you saying that you can see a happiness in your life because in your heart you have made the decision for changing? Have you taken maybe one or two steps but not any more so that you have taken the immediate stresses out of your daily life, but then stopped and have done nothing else? Are you telling yourself that was a major change?

This is where it seems I have to say harsh things to you. This is where I start to teach you to begin to see where you are lying to yourself. This is where, by looking at and dissembling the parts of your life that are not happy, you learn to communicate the truth to yourself. You must look at them to see the contrast of where your life is happy and where it is not. That is the only way that you can begin to feel the rub so that you can build within yourself the discipline to do what is the very best for you. And what is very best for you is to complete the steps to bring that happiness into all of your everyday life.



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