What are you REALLY feeling?

Who’s day is it? Have you had a moment in life where it was suppose to be your day and someone else’s drama took away your shining moment? Well, how did you deal with it?

I would like you to remember as with everything we always have to start with the premise that you had to be sitting in an energy to have the physical experience. I know, I can already hear you thinking, ‘why would I want drama from someone else?’

Are you sitting in the fear that the drama is possible? That is sitting in a ‘need’. You see the Universe does not recognize the “not” in any of your feelings or fears. For instance holding the thought, “I do not want anyone else’s drama on this special day.” is going to leave the Universe with ‘everyone else’s drama on this special day’. And of course, any energy that you are sitting in the most is what you are going to experience. Well, you and I should work on this if you do not agree.

I will be able to walk you through those experiences and show you how an internal feeling that you had been sitting in prior to the physical walk through the experience was the true reason that you had the experience.

Then you and I can work on discovering the lessons that your God source was desiring for you to learn. Because when you stand in the internal you, the strength and power is yours and only yours.

Yes, there may be drama in your life, but it will not effect how you can stand in the truth. That chaos can be all around you, yet what you experience is still peaceful and tranquil. I know that it sounds like that cannot be possible. I am here to say yes it can and it is very possible.

One of the first things that you have to think about is what was the issue that the drama was surrounded by? Then you start by looking at how did you feel when you were going through the experience about the drama? This will start giving you your understandings about how you were sitting in an energy and how that energy, and only that energy, is then what you and each and everyone of us goes on to experience.

Of course once you begin to understand that you are in charge of those energies then you can then start to take control of them and learn that you have every right to change the energy. When you reach this understanding it changes how you are going to experience the physical walk. It really is that simple.

Let’s talk about this now. I am here, write to me I shall answer you … If you would like to have a small gathering I would be happy to come and answer any and all questions that you and your friends would have. Just CLICK HERE to set that up at the Life Learning Center of Self office!

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