What about this World around us?!!!!

We are all living in this world and so many things are going on around us… volcanoes, earthquakes, bad weather, friends around us, our families, everything seems to really be taking a major hit. How do we keep ourselves on track? How do we keep our heads above water? What does it mean to find an inner peace that holds us in an embrace that keeps us safe and loved as this goes on around us?

As I have gone through this last year, I have been buffeted and tossed as though riding on a rough sea. Yet I feel such joy today. I have felt, for the last two weeks, as if my feet are not touching the ground at all. What did I do, my life should not show this joy of life?!

If I take stock this has been horror in the scariest of movies yet , that is not what I feel. I am not feeling the hits to my body or my inner consciousness.

I only feel this overwhelming love; not only for me but for anyone I meet. I am seeing it is possible to touch the face of God and still be here… still, interact with people. I did not have to go on a mountain top, I did not have to give up my girl shoes, I did not have to give up life in general.

What I did have to give up though, were my thoughts and ideas that things were happening to me, that shit happens.

I had to let go of concepts and ideas that there was a source outside of my self that was in charge of what was and is happening to me.

It did take much conscious effort on my part to let go of this mind-set that holds us each hostage to looking outside of ourselves for the truth. That someone other than ourselves has the answers. I know from the depths of my soul that I am the one in charge of my life and only me!

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