We CAN have the burning blazing light of the Universe in our daily lives.

Why is it that some people do not believe that we can truly walk this life existence with the burning blazing light of this Universe? That is a subject matter that has been posed to me. I do not agree with the thought that you can not walk this life and not have the ability to touch the face of God. That CAN be done and we CAN be on this earth with joy and peace in our hearts.

I do believe that it is our right to live in the state of joy that was the intended plan for each and every one of us when we were making the decision to be on this life plane.

Now, just because we choose not to have that experience does not make it the plan. I know that with a true understanding of how this Universe works we all can reach this state of existence and in this life time.

Is it hard? I shall say this… We have to learn to live within the state of allowance for ourselves as we slip from the plan as well as allow for those who do not wish to have the state of joy in their lives.

We have to learn that to live in the example of self does not mean that we take advantage of someone else that is not in the understanding. It does mean however that we must hold ourselves in the Universal truth. It is not up to us to hold someone else there who may not desire to know this truth.

I am sharing this because for the very first time the 5th dimension, or what some would call heaven, Beings are more than ever before working with each and every one of us. So allow those Beings to help you learn about the Universal truth. That you may set yourself free from the consciousness that has been on this plane far too long . Let us all walk in the truth of who we all really are.

Agree with me? Let me hear from you either way.

It does take time and energy on our part. We do have to make the choice to be the one totally accountable for our choices and what is physically happening to ourselves because of the choices that we have made up to this point in our life.

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