We can and do live different lives!

In my last blog I was talking about detaching from another persons frame of reference as well as our own. So, I would like to continue there. It is possible to be very happy with the world around you no matter what the life experience is with the people that you share your life with. Yes, it is! Once again, the first place you want to begin is in the understanding of detachment. It does not mean going far, far away in your mind. It does not mean you are sharing a house with someone but not having a very fulfilling life with that person.

It means learning how to have the honest self talk that allows you to have your feelings (in truth) and allowing others to have their feelings.

Now, the thing that came to mind for me was… Why do I have to be the one that has always got to beĀ  accountable for every thought word and deed of my family?

That of course is not really the case when you learn to stand in the Universal truth. Which is: we are getting back to knowing that what you feel and what you think have a direct correlation to what you are experiencing.

So, even though you are thinking that the people you are sharing your life with are not on this path of enlightenment, you can not be sure how they have set up there life contracts on this plane.

We do take such limited ideas in the beginning of this understanding and hold them so dear to our hearts. It is simply our selves that have to learn to expand how we think about anything. We can begin anywhere, with any thought and begin to expand on the idea concerning it.

We must be willing to let go of thoughts and ideas that we felt were heart felt truths. We may be able to come back and incorporate parts of those ideas and beliefs. Yet, for now we should be willing to expand on all ideas. It is so freeing to take the closest thing to your heart and say to self. “I can and will expand this belief.”

That is what lets us live our lives in peace and harmony with all others on this plane. This is where we must all begin if we desire to learn the truth.

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