We begin by journaling our thoughts

Now we have to start looking at what a true feeling is. That will put us in a state of total UN-knowing. This is a place where many people do not give themselves the time to re-establish with themselves a true relationship with self.

You must take the time here. It may take some time also. How long has it been since you were in touch with the first time you did something you really did not feel good doing. Then there is a mourning period. Yes whether we want to or not we do go through the, “Why, oh, why did I give up on myself” period.

As we all look at where we could be today, we can actually stop ourselves once again. Just by thinking that we have gone too far from standing up for self. Then we go and become very combative not only with ourselves but with others as well. Because now, come hell or high water, All things be damned, we are not going to let someone walk all over us now!

That is not quite right either. That is when we start walking all over other peoples boundaries. Oh yes, I have seen that with my students and clients also.

The important thing is the way this Universe is set up. You still get to do all those things just mentioned. I will be here to try and minimize the damage so that all can get back on track and start having the life that one would like to have.

So we begin by journaling our thoughts; you want to find out where your ideas lie. It is not easy to hear for ourselves where our prejudices, our angers, etc. lay. Everyone else can hear them very easily. It is a whole different thing when we are trying to hear for ourselves what we truly think about something.

So start journaling and don’t censor yourself. Just let the thoughts, ideas, beliefs and opinions flow… you just may be amazed to discover what you really are holding in your mind.


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