Watching for self-destructive behavior

stop-self-sabotage-behaviourAs the class was looking at the subject that each one of them decided to put the light on for the past week the main theme that came through was how to see ahead of time how one of your old behaviors can be sneaking up on you as you are interacting with people that have nothing to do with the reason you pulled in the behavior.

So, what I am talking about is that an old behavior is a choice that you made to protect your inner you when you did something that your heart told you not to do. You must come to understand this does not have to mean that you were forced or asked or bullied into doing something that was a major crime. This is where I know a lot of people can equate that this information is for them. Why? Because your behavior to you is so natural and you have done so for so long you do not remember why you began to do so. It does not have to be any other reason than you did not feel loved in your own home and you began to act like someone you saw get all the attention.

Because you did not have someone to ask you why are you doing that? You in some way got the attention. But have you, ever since you made that decision, taken the time to see if the reason you started the behavior is still valid in your life today? If so does it still fit in with the life your heart is desiring to express?

We pick up behaviors for a multitude of reasons so not all learned behaviors create the disaster in your life. Yet you should be totally aware that as you learned those you can teach yourself behaviors that will support the person you are today. Not use behaviors that keep sabotaging how you communicate what your needs and desires are.

So when you have strong feelings about not wanting to do something, it is right there that you take the time to see what it is about the situation or the people who are going to participate that is really bothering you. Take the time so that you can really see if their behavior towards you is the trigger. Then my most beloved one, with all the love and empathy you can have you must look at, see, and know, it is because somewhere in your actions and your learned behaviors you are acting to others in the very same manner.

This is where it gets really tricky and you will want to deny that this is the case. Yet, the truth is we pick up learned behaviors from somewhere. From our family and friends, from things we see on tv, even from books that we have read, so remember as you are looking at the outside world and you see injustices instead of looking outward remember to take the time inside to see where the injustices of your learned behaviors are creating the crime towards the most important person of all. YOU!





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