Walking with Grace, through everyday life

One of the things I spend a lot of time contemplating about is ‘how do I walk through my life while all that this world can throw at you seems to want to knock me down?’

When I am in my personal environment with my favorite music on, I love candles burning and incense going, my personal space is very harmonious.

When just one other person comes into that space the vibration changes dramatically. Yet, holding ones own happy and safe place is what we have striven for. What generally happens when this other person comes into your vibration? Can you hold the integrity of self? Does our vibration get buffeted and battered like on a windy day with a kite.

I have learned to have myself  like a second person in my conversations. So, as I am conversing with someone, I also am asking myself very personal questions about how I feel, do I really feel like I should have a reaction or not? Those are the things that I do to keep me on track of maintaining my feeling of joy and happiness.

In the beginning you still slip and fall into the vibration or emotion of the people around you, do not give up. It is about learning and that only happens with much practice. This is not about pass or fail, it is about moving forward and being accountable for your own happiness.

I believe that the most important relationship we each have is the one we have with ourselves. Without having a relationship with yourself first what do you have but unhappiness……

Is this not the reason we are searching for peace? We have been guilted into many things in our lives. As our parents have and theirs before them. I believe it all stems from a fear of not being able to do something for ourselves. When we come to the very quiet knowing that the greatest peace there is, is in the core of our own being we will no longer need to be doing anything that does not bring us peace and happiness.

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