Walking towards having joy in your heart

victoryToday I would like to talk about how you can lull yourself into thinking that all is well and yet you have not followed all the steps needed to set yourself free. How do you know you have not set yourself free? How do I know you have not set yourself free?

Well it is always so much easier for your mentor to be able to see because there are no attachments to whether you succeed or not so the patterns are so easy to see. The part that is hard for your mentor is that by standing in the truth for you, you will have the desire to look at them and want to put your frustration at their feet.

The greatest gift that you can give yourself is by taking charge of your healing process and your walk to and for the Universal truth. There is a difference between the Universal truth and your truth.

I am bringing this up so that you can see that the unique part of being here on the Earth is that you came in on an very unique mathematical equation. Now, when you began to interact with your parents, and that nuclear family, you began to put aside your own distinct equation and started to emulate those around you. Whether that was by your loving choice or whether you did that out of survival, you still pushed yourself away from your own equation.

Today, if you are walking towards having joy in your heart and physical expression, then what you have to accomplish is the understanding that your stories are simply equations that you have added to your original one.You can tell yourself that you were too little or that you were forced to make different choices, you can give yourself all the reasons and excuses that you desire, and you can for as long as you desire, but understand that if you continue to do so you will simply have the mediocre life that you have.

There will be sickness and unhappiness in your expression. Why do I say this? I say this because the Universal truth is that the only time there is disease in your life is when you are not sitting in joy. The only way to sit in joy is to be in your very own mathematical equation. I know it is hard to believe that each and every experience you would like to have is yours to have. You have been told your entire life that you must work hard, and expect to just accept what comes at you. You have been lead to believe that if you have a lot of physical things and fun that is also not good for you.

I am saying to you that the more joy you allow in your heart you will then experience that in your every day life. It stays, you wake up with joy in your heart, you go to bed with joy in your heart. If you are not experiencing joy in that manner you are not quite in your very own mathematical equation. There is no more or no less to the Universal truth.





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