Walking today to change tomorrow

I have seen that one of the hardest concepts for my students and clients to grasp is how to walk today full of grace and knowledge and not have tomorrow be a disaster. This is what I have learned from my journey. I have learned that the very thoughts that hold you captive today lead to what you will  be physically experiencing tomorrow.

That is why it is so important for us to be in total understanding of the truth that the emotions that we are sitting in right now, whether they are good or bad, is creating the thing we can expect to be tomorrow.

We must come to an understanding of how to take charge of our feelings. We need to learn to be able to be in charge every moment. So, if we are feeling sad today we must look at the choices we made about this sad.

It is not about blaming a person, place, or circumstance. That will get none of us anywhere at all, except the very same place the very next day. It is only when we take charge of our very own feelings that we can see dramatic change in our experience. You will begin to see that nothing around you will have changed. Yet the way you feel about those things will have. So you will not have the same outcome as you have had in the past. So much so that you will not even notice the things that used to drive you mad.

I have had to be reminded that what goes on in my life, to someone elses eye, would be a constant disaster. I do not see or feel like that about my life. I feel peace and harmony in my life. I am not talking about putting on rose-colored glasses. I am talking about truly taking charge of your own feelings. When you begin to do this simple thing you begin to take charge as never before. You begin to do things just for the sake that it simply feels good to you. Can you imagine doing things just for the sheer joy of doing so……

This is how you begin….

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