Walking into Our future.

I am sure that anyone that has walked the path of learning about yourself in their spiritual path knows that as we face the changes we must make we can be overwhelmed. Asking ourselves, “How can I do this??! I so want my life to change but can I go ahead just for myself?”

Each and every one who decides that they must be true to themselves have come to an understanding that tells them they must let go of all things in the physical world to walk ahead.

Wow, that is mind bending is it not? Why do we have to give up every thing? It is here that we should start looking at our lives with honest discrimination.

We need to be willing to let go of everything that holds us back. We will find out that as we start looking at the things we are letting go of it is not harmful or sad or hard.

The first thing we are letting go of  are beliefs and ideas that have held us in place, instead of letting us go fully forward without pain. Our minds are a very powerful force that works against us much of the time. So as we let go of beliefs of all natures we begin to find out that if we sit in the feel of what we desire, we will see how easy it is to find ourselves in the new experiences we desire to have.

We begin to hear in our mind that we have only to let go of any concept, that then our physical experience changes. We learn that it is not in the design of our life that brings change, but to just let the experience come to us that brings the decision that we need to make just for the moment.

We make the mistake of trying to decide on things for the future. The problem with that is that future we are planning for never happens. Have you not ever noticed that? Well, think about it. No, really think about it.

How often does what we are thinking about ever happen the way we think?!  That is my point. We waste hour after hour trying to decide on something that never ever happens.

Just learn to wake up in the morning and only make your choices about your life right then and there. That is the moment you begin to change your life.

2 thoughts on “Walking into Our future.

  1. I LOVE this: “Just learn to wake up in the morning and only make your choices about your life right then and there. That is the moment you begin to change your life.”

    What I’m ‘hearing’ there is the way to change your life and step into your future is to be fully present NOW!

    And that’s a relief!!! 🙂


    • As, I walk more fully into this understanding I am getting such a handle on that I am so in charge of my life, the experiences I have. That all changes are really mine to make. As I remember to take just the steps for today I am seeing that my goals come more simply. I do not have to worry about how I am going to get to my end result. It just pops into my life. It is like wow already it is here. So soon.. Next. heheheheh

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