Walking in Internal Truth?

When one chooses to truly walk the path of Universal truth one would assume there are many things in our physical life that we would have to give up. That was my understanding as a small girl going to parochial school learning about all the stories in the old testament.

As I was learning about the stories, I remember wondering, “Would I be like them? Would I believe in God enough when or if He called upon me? Would I say yes? This is the way I want to live my life… in the light and understanding of God.”

I know this sounds strange, a young child having these kinds of thoughts. I always questioned myself with whatever concept or new idea was presented to me.

It is this very questioning that has lead me on my path to the truth. It is within the quiet times of our contemplating that all the insights that lead us to the truth can occur. Not physical truths of this life but, the truth of the Universal that is the same for all of us.

Each and everyone of us has that piece of our soul that is, and has always been, connected to the internal God. We cannot go anywhere without it. Do we have to listen? No, that is called Free Will.

I have learned that Free Will is the very thing that allows us to experience this world, this every day walk, without having our internal guidance system. Yes, that is correct… it is free will that allows us not to walk here with our loving voice of internal truth speaking with us every moment of every day. Amazing isn’t it?

When I first discovered this truth I was stunned! Why, in heavens name, would we not want to have that internal piece surround us and keep us safe and happy? Why would anyone chose to be sad, unhappy or even angry? Why would we feel the loneliness?

It is a very simple answer really. It was because we could.

So, we came here to prove we could, without the source of love to be natural and with us from the start, we could, once again, find internal love and the deep God source that we are so used to having when we are in what I term as the 5th dimension. (Some would call it heaven.)

So what are you going to do now with this information? Contemplate on this with an open heart. See what answers your internal guidance system will share with you.

Let’s talk about this or any other questions you may have. Have a glorious day and into the evening tide.

3 thoughts on “Walking in Internal Truth?

    • Yes, I had a struggle when I first began to say , this is only about me. Not anyone or thing out side of myself. So, learning to walk in the truth and that internal truth will set you free. I am glad you have heard that voice as well. Delrae

    • Thank you , as I walk and experience , these words are then what I share for each and every person that reads them to also walk and experience them. again thank you for your response. Have a glorious day.

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