Walking and Being

I have found that it is much harder ‘being’ when we are walking our everyday lives than when we go to a group session, or our individual class work. So, how do we get our feelings around the interactions of those people who we Love, but, who do not seem to be on the same walk as we are?

Do we go and find different people to play with?

We could but is that productive? We need contrast, we have become aware that the contrast is what is telling us we have an opinion that needs looking at. If we lived in a world with no contrast would we grow? Do we have enough inspiration to delve into our secrets or do we think we have dealt with them all? How do we know without that contrast?

So, we must have that walk with this world, we must see how we deal with what we call difficulties.

I was speaking with a dear friend, and through that conversation realizations came about that made me think about this physical world, so as I was walking with my dogs I came to see that for me, at least today, I can see that when I go out the chaos that affects some does not hit me so to speak.

I have things that go wrong, yet I do not feel it as wrong. I look at how I was standing in my feel to have this physical action come back to me. I am feeling such a sense of love within myself, so I can speak that while I have frustration, or hurt feelings, I can feel such love towards the people I am interacting with. Yes… I can say I can love people who seem to be frustrating me.

It has come to my understanding that I am truly the one sending out the vibration to receive the energy called frustration coming back to me.

How can I then feel that someone else is doing this to me!? I can feel the gift of love that is being sent to me. Even from the individual that the frustration seems to becoming from.

It feels so good to finally really understand that I and I alone allow any of my feelings or emotions. I and I alone allow how long I am going to sit in any of my feelings and or emotions . It feels good to be in charge for myself.

Which is what my beloved friend shared with me. To be at peace you must be in charge. Thank you…

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