Walk through each lesson without doubt

faithSo you believe you are standing in the truth and you feel that because of that you are standing all alone? That is a great example of standing in a story that supports that you are physical being with no link to the divine source. Yes, that is right. Even if you have been walking and growing into the truth of the divine and how it flows through your physical body, you run the risk of falling into believing a story. I am writing about this because it is right here that we must see it is happening because we did not make a decision .

Oh… you have been making choices, lots of them, yet no real decision. Once you have made a clear decision you will then know, as the feedback comes back to you, whether or not you made a decision in the truth. Is your decision having the effect on people around you which support a story about you having to be alone? If so, your decision wasn’t in the truth. Does that mean the ‘Norm’ will maintain itself? NO! It means that you will be standing as the interaction and you will feel the interaction. Yet remember that because you have asked for change, that the change is upon you. You were just trying to see where your stories of being ‘less than’ are still sitting. Yes, that is correct… you  want to design and control your change, yet that is not anything that can be controlled. If you let your Divine Source direct the change you will have the best change possible. If you try to tell yourself that there is only one way for the change to appear then you will surely bring more pain and unhappiness to yourself.

Understand the Divine Essence will bring to you the most beneficial change for you and each other person that is also impacted by that change. The best way to walk through your change as you stand in the Universal Truth is to stand strong in your decision. Then the choices around that decision stay clear and will bring you to the most loving beginning of the new you.

Again… what is a decision? A decision is made from your internal need, choices support your physical walk to bring about the fulfillment of the  decision/internal need. Also, as you walk through the broken pieces of why you asked for your change, it can be intense but when you come to an end it is glorious!

The hardest part of all of this is to have the faith that your need is directly from your internal Divine Self. That to trust that it will bring about the sweetest happiness is probably the first time you will stand in true faith of your Divine God. Once you have walked this totally through to the end you will never doubt again that you are connected to the Divine Truth.

That does not mean you will not be testing yourself again. It simply means that you will have the strength to walk through each lesson without that great intense doubt that you are standing in right now.

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