Wake Up, Don’t Give Up!

dontgiveupWhat is the hardest part about keeping yourself on track so that you are always filling your needs? When I am working with you I can see how your intentions are all so powerful about changing the course of you life, yet you come back and feel bad because you have somehow lost sight of the need that you started with to change your life.

Why do you think this is happening to so many of you? Like New Years resolutions, why do you simply give up on the new action step or course of life action that will change your world? I myself have contemplated about making life changes. When I am reading and writing in my journal I watch very closely to see if I am doing a lot of complaining about the state of affairs in my life. It is then that I know that if I do not make a change I am only going to be creating, by the vibrations I am holding, more of the same complaining and feeling bad about where I am at.

It does not take a lot of effort on your part if you are taking those baby steps each and everyday. It is not difficult to make one step in a new direction. Yet, you must remember it takes 45 days of concentrated energy on your part to break an old habit. So you have to take the new step with joy and happiness in your heart that you are taking this new step just for you because you know and desire to have this change in your world.

That is why it is so important for you to be inspired to make change. It cannot be because someone else tells you it is good for you. It has to be because when you look in the mirror you know and feel an uplifting in your heart that this change is needed. Once you have passed your first 45 days you then will begin to see that the effort is not there anymore. You will have the new effects in your life and you will have a much easier time in maintaining the vibrations .

So why is it you begin to make the change and then fall short? In falling short you will feel the weight even heavier pulling at your consciousness, you will feel bad about the steps you are not taking because in the deepest parts of you, you are the one that is desiring this change. This is where you have to take the time to hold yourself, so to speak, encourage yourself like you would a small child when they are taking their first steps and want to go back to crawling even though they are discouraged at how slow it is for them to get around.

Wake up! Stand up for the changes you are deciding on. Stand up for them in the choices you are making. It is the choice you make, your baby step that supports the decision on changing your life. Good luck and I am here to help you in any way …



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