Using the eyes of the Universal knowledge

When you are evaluating a problem in your life, you should at least try to see the root of the issue before going any further. By going to the root of the problem you begin to find the issues that are really the things that need addressing in your evaluation. I am seeing that when you are sharing what is bothering you, you see the other person as the issue at hand. Try looking at how the issue at hand is how you have written your life story.

I had the chance to read a personal diary of a client of mine. They had asked as I went through the diary to take notes and put my perspective in so that their diary would now look not only like the story of their life, but also with an eye to unravel and rewrite the life story so that they/you can see how to take a story, any life story, and rewrite it using the eyes of the Universal knowledge .

Many times over in the diary I read, ‘I believe in the law of attraction.’ So I had to put notes there asking what was this concept of law of attraction? I have come to see that many mistake the Universal law of Cause and Effect and are calling it by this name attraction. Well like so many things when you leave out some of the words you so totally take out the true meaning .

From what I am hearing the law of attraction goes something like – because of life experiences and your thoughts you attract certain kinds of life experiences. I can see where this would give people some comfort in knowing what was coming at you, you would at least come to peace with. Yet, I see so many people with this concept in mind that simply put up with their lives and stuff their emotions because of this attraction understanding.

Now look at the law of Cause and Effect: it is your internal feelings that you are then spending much of your time thinking about that is the Cause of your life experience. It is your deep core truth that has any and all Effects on your life.

Do you see where the power then lies within your very own being? Can you see how you can learn to listen to your thoughts to track down your deep feelings about the issues in your life? When you come to the issue, you need to spend your thoughts, your words, and your physical experience, and use them to break down and understand why you have the emotions and feelings you do. You are in charge here. You can use the Universal understandings and change your story, your emotions. So that the Universal Law of Cause and Effect can be used by you, for you, for the joy of your life experience.

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