Use Your Feedback Effectively

When you make a choice and you receive negative feedback what should you do about it? The first thing I suggest is look at the choice itself. The problem of negative feedback is you so often get lost in the way the feedback is demonstrated back to you.

You must begin each and every life experience with the strong concept that there is a Universal law in effect. It is very simple, “what you send out simply comes back to you,” also if you are aware of motion: once it is moving forward it picks up speed so that is the energy that you are feeling when you then have any kind of feedback come back at you .

Yet often you fall into focusing on the personality or title/label of the person that you are getting the feedback from. It is true that if you can take the face off the information and simply look at the information or as I previously stated ‘feedback’, then you can more easily learn from that feedback. It is in the breaking down of the feedback that all the knowledge that you have can be used and turned into true wisdom.

It is also not about blaming yourself as being stupid, or dumb or any name that you can call yourself. This is where you should take out the emotion and not turn it against yourself. Look at the emotion and as best as you can, ask yourself, “Do I desire to have this  kind of feeling again?”

It is in this process that you teach yourself not only the reason that you are sending out energy but, by sending out that particular energy you are going to experience emotions that follow suit.

This is the very simple process to have true peace and harmony in your life experience. The moment you take true charge of what energy you are sending out from your, yes your very own thoughts and ideas, your concepts and opinions about the world you live in. For everything you hold as truths are the very energy you sit in. When you sit in an energy it then is sent out from you by the words you use and the feelings and emotions that you emit from your being.

Are you getting the picture? You are truly in charge of all of the things I have just mentioned. It is through the process of looking at your feedback that allows you to change those feelings, emotions, concepts and opinions… if you do not get lost in who and how the feedback comes back to you.

Let’s talk about this. I will be ever so happy to discuss this and any subject you have to talk about.

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