Understand the value of questioning each and every tiny little aspect of your life

Question_Everything__by_jamaisXvuOnce again I feel it is so important to understand how harmful it is to put parts of your life in a box and not look at it. How do you decide how to make changes in your life, if you do not have all the facts about the choices you have made? How do you go about evaluating what you have done with what you are doing right now? How do you then accomplish any change at all in your life?

I am finding out that people do not understand the value of questioning each and every tiny little aspect of their lives. It is very interesting indeed to see how, when a person simply thinks to themselves, how their thoughts really seem to make perfect sense. Yet if you have the courage to share those internal thoughts you may find that you have not been making any real sense at all.

One of the first things that I can share with you to make a real change in your life is to go into the awe of having questions about the life experience you just had. Not from the perspective of ‘ouch that hurt’, or ‘why do people continue to use me’. No, from the standpoint of ‘you are your creator and so what you experience you had vibrationally sat in to have the experience be yours’. Take the faces off the people who were involved. Use Universal symbols to begin to ask the questions that unravel the vibration you were sitting in… did you keep in the timing of your sequence? Do you understand how much vibration you consciously put in, how much vibration are you unconsciously sitting in?

This kind of questioning is what begins to bring back your internal power of choice, of feeling in charge of your life. Do not be in control, you cannot control energy, it is a moving force unto itself. You cannot control how another human being is going to react so be in charge. Being in charge lets you evaluate your choices and course of action off of the other persons.

That is again how you do not feel that things happen to you, but, that you are always, and have always, been in total charge of your own actions.

As you begin to open up your compartments you will have emotional pain come at you. It is then that you begin to question the story that you are telling about this emotion. Evaluate from your perspective of today. I mean, you are an adult, most of you have now had to deal with a child of your own that is going through something you yourself went through, can you now look at your story from the eyes of an adult? Can you begin to see  that if you use the knowledge of an Adult within your story as a child how things could and do look differently?

Can you look at some of the hurt feelings you may have about a parent and look at it from the stand point of you as a parent today? Try not to look at it and think, “I would not do that and that is that”. No, look at it from the standpoint of the knowledge you have today. Can you begin to understand why a parent might make that kind of choice?

To have the power of your life to make choices from the standing of Universal Truth you must learn to let go of judgement. So do not let the first thing that comes from you be, “I would not do what my Parent did!”. If you do, you really make it that much harder on yourself to learn to talk about those internal fears that you and each one of us have.

How do you go about then looking at the questions like, Could I be like my parent? Is it in my genes? I was raised by an absentee parent so am I doomed to be a lousy parent? and so on and so on. If we judge from a harsh place you can end up lumping things into categories, and they may not be the same but on a vibratory feel can be placed in the same compartment so we lose sight of them.

The root to finding the answers to our contemplation, our prayers, our journaling, is to simply learn to ask questions on those emotions we seem to be so afraid to look at.





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