Understand the difference between thoughts, words, deeds, feelings and emotions

Until I learned that the only thing getting in the way of my true understanding, and the ease of this walk, was me…  my life was really hard to live with. No pun intended. I felt the heavy, heavy burden of carrying the weight of my job, my family and the relationship between my husband and I. Then, I really got a grasp on what my feelings were doing to how I was experiencing my life.

That was the beginning for me. Was it easy? Well, not until I began to understand the difference between thoughts, words, deeds, feelings and last but not least emotions. These are the kickers. In my understanding they were one and the same so to speak.

When I began to realize they all have very different functions and different effects on our daily experiences. I had to find out what all was possible. That led me on a merry goose chase let me tell you!

I have found out that each and every one of these terms are essential in our process of tearing down and away ideas that we no longer need.

What do I mean no longer need? Well, we like to call it our history, the life we have led up to this point. It is how we explain the course that our life has taken up until now. Yet, do you feel good about the course of your life? I mean really? Is there a point where you would have preferred a different outcome?

Well, that is what can happen, by learning to use these terms in a different format. There is one catch though. Yes, there always is. The catch here is that you will have to look honestly at the stories that you tell with such passion each and every time. You will have to change the emphasis on how you were wronged and put into the story, with much passion and love, the lesson that you were sending out to get.

You will have to quit looking at the people who played roles in your life as though they had power over you. You will have to look at your life story with you as the hero and learner of all the wisdom you gained by choosing the right characters in your story.


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