Undercurrents and mind chatter – are they the same?

As we begin to recognize that we have so many things in the way for the choice that we think is so hard to make, we can begin to realize that the undercurrents of our thoughts is another source that gets in our way.

Concepts and ideas that were formed by others, those that we have taken on not always by our needs but only after a long time of battering we have accepted them. So now we must begin to work on letting go of these things.

This task, though it sounds easy, can be tricky. For we do not hear how our thoughts can be so counter to the ones we desire to truly carry in our hearts, and we do not easily see how these undercurrents have spilled out to our life experiences. We have become so used to the voices that are so counter to who and what we are that we are fooled by their familiarity. I have spoken with so many of my clients and students that acknowledge that when they are on their own they simply do not hear the undercurrent. That is the greatest struggle that they have.

Once you begin to hear the voices that are counter to your ideals, and the things you wish to achieve in this world, you will truly be on your way to success of life and real sustainable happiness.

This is a claim I can truly make, for there are sad moments in my life, but not due to my choices, due to circumstances of life. So, even while I can be sad, I am not affected in the very core of me. I can move forward and still make choices that are healthy for me. I do believe that is a goal that we all should achieve while we are here.

In order to reach the goal I have a few recommendations. First of all, keep a journal and write in it every day. Journaling will begin to let you see where your random thoughts are going. Secondly, having someone you trust to talk with. This has to be someone who only guides you not ‘parents’ you.

Of course , the strongest tool you can learn to trust and use is your own internal guidance system. It is also the one muscle you must really work with before you can trust it to hold weight in the decision-making process; Simply because of all the other voices you have given more power to than your own.

Do you agree with me? Well then Challenge me.. I would love to discuss this with you.

Have the most wonderful day into the evening tide.

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