Two Universal Laws

I am aware that the “New Age,” concept has begun to address that we are in charge of our own feelings. I have not seen a lot of mention of how we are the cause of each and every thing that happens to us.

I have been doing a lot of study with Channeled Beings. Up close and personal not only with the Beings that channel in, but also with the people who are allowing their bodies to be a voice for those in the fifth dimension. In this work I have discovered that there is a scientific reason for how this Universal truth works.

Our Scientists are finding out more and more as our technology becomes more refined. Many things I have been expressing for over twenty years are now being confirmed by our Scientists. It is very exciting for me to see confirmation of what I have been studying and teaching.

So, as I spoke about the Universal Law, the first and foremost Law is the Law of Cause and Effect.

The tricky thing about Universal Laws is that there really is not one, two, three, etc. or A, B, C, – they intertwine together; so there are several that we as an individual will learn about.

Yet one is not greater or less important than another. I will begin with the Law of Cause and Effect. The faster that we understand that what we feel is what we will experience in our physical life, the better our lives will be.

You can spend a lot of time or a little time learning to accept this law. That, of course, is up to you.

The second Law I will mention is the Law of Freewill. That is very important because this allows us as much or as little time as we desire to spend on any life experience we are having.

This is where others want to really start controlling us as an individual. They want to help us to quicken the time that we spend on any life lesson we may be working on.

Hence I was speaking earlier of how and why the concept of sin came into play. It seemed to be an easy way to have a reason to have a life lesson sped up according to someone elses learning curve. Not the person having the experience.

I think we might want to think twice about that idea!

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