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truth-decisionsWhat is the message that we can begin with in this new year of 2015? I have taken a break in the month of December to attend all the party’s, holiday festivals, and travel, that go along with life changes and visiting family and friends.

As I was walking my life I was watching and being reminded of the importance of learning the art of using  the gift of truth and how to use that truth to analyze and contemplate thoughts, opinions and beliefs, then put that truth on the scale of our choices.

I was watching as I was interacting with others and seeing the repercussions of interacting with people who do not understand that to tell one’s self the truth can prepare you for the interactions that you are about to walk into… By understanding that a decision is a life change and choice is the action steps you take to either support your life change or to support the old concepts and ideals that got you in the pain and unhappiness that you find yourself in.

I found that even though I prepared myself for my life choices, that did not prepare me for when someone else does not understand how to use the scale in truth So I would like to talk about what truly decisions are vs choices and how standing in your internal truth is the secret to the successful and happy life that you are all looking for.

The problem in how we communicate is that we interchange a lot of words and phrases and that then leads us to feel we are truly communicating with someone else. It is a very scary thing to think that we are talking with people all day long and yet how much is truly being shared in the truth of ones internal walk to be successful and happy? I am finding that it is a true miracle.

A decision is when you have come to a place in your life where there is no other choice but to bite the bullet and make those changes that have been, for whatever reasons you have been telling yourself, something you could not do; Now you simply have to out of internal self-preservation.

Choices are those daily things that we do not take the time to really think about, but they are what support the decision… or they support the old routine that you are trying to get out of.

Truth is what is the Universal Truths and how that truth supports us in our learning and understanding about the truth with our internal actions with the true god source.

When I talk about telling ourselves the truth, it is about where our heart is sitting about any given scenario that is playing out in our life. For instance, the daughter of one of my best friends and my Son met, fell in love, and got married. Now, I had already experienced sharing my Children with other families as they got married and then when my Grandchildren were born, sharing them too… but I did not have to share my Grandbabies with the other side of the family right up and personal. Now with my Girlfriend I recognized that being as we worked and played together, there were going to be times when she would have these wonderful experiences with my Grand Babies that I would not be a part of., yet would hear about.

How was that going to make me feel? Being as I had never had that kind of experience I really had to look at whether or not I would be jealous and I know me well enough to know that I could be like that and I did not like the feel of that. So I spent time in contemplation then I went to my friend and talked to her about my feelings and how would we maintain our friendship if something happened between our children as well.

It ended up being a wonderful conversation between us. Yet as time has passed and we have talked about the conversation, my friend has admitted she did not really understand what we had done. Yet today she is so happy that we did and what a gift I had shared with her by standing in my fear and truth and then openly sharing with her my inner feelings

That is what standing in the truth means. Even if the other person doesn’t understand the gift you share with them do so because it will build a sense of character in you that will lead you to the choices that support your decision to have and be a new god being on this glorious earth plane.



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