Chaos and Tranquility can they coexist?

This is an idea that for many years I have been studying. It has been a goal of mine to walk in true peace through all events in my life. I have had my ups and downs in this process.

I can now say that it is very possible to have tranquility within your being no matter what is happening in your outside world. The trick is…..To understand why the trauma or chaos is in your very own life experience.

As we begin our walk within the tragedies, turmoil, and upheavals  of everyday life we cannot look outside of ourselves to find the answer to our eternal peace of mind, body and soul. What I am saying is if you think something is happening to you, you will never find tranquility within yourself

Why do I say this? I say this because we cannot in any way control another person. So if you are in any way looking at the scenario that is creating the unrest in your life as if it is because of what someone else did or didn’t do, then you will never feel like you have a choice or control in any situation in your life.

When you stop seeing things being done to you, and decide that you did make a choice in the life experience that got you to your chaos, then you are heading in the direction of being able to stay at peace no matter what events are swirling around you in your life.

Yes we all make choices every moment of every day. We just do not want to stand in the humble truth that we made a choice without looking at what it meant to us to end up in the pain and chaos.

We tell ourselves, I can not change, I do not want to leave, I can not leave, I can not stay… Yet are we then looking at the fact that this is the choice we made? And that it was this choice that then brought to us our experience of chaos and trauma?

This is where we must look at our life and simply and very lovingly say, “Can I not do what I have said in the past I will not?”

Making a different choice is what gives us a different outcome.

As we grow and learn the simple truth of when and why we are making choices, we will begin to see very quietly at first, ever so subtly, that we become very peaceful as each and every life experience come our way. Even when others would look at it as the most traumatic or chaotic thing in their world.

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