What is today?

To me today is a new moment in time to discover something new about this world that we live in.

I get new insights about myself and how I interject into this physical place around me. I have become fascinated with how if I just pose a question and then start writing, before I know it I have such wonderful insights about myself and those around me.

It happens so quietly and so quickly.

I can look out my window and look at whatever kind of day it is, this allows the Universe to come in and speak to me. It is such a personal experience. I feel so empowered by the information that I have found out about myself and the interrelationship that I have with this planet, this Universe, and this place called heaven.

The relationship that we all here on this earth plane and with the Beings in the inter dimensions. It is so wonderful to have begun to know and work with these Beings. It gives me such a sense of peace.

One of the things that I have been thinking about is the workings of Passion.

Of course there is the passion that we have for a lover. There is the passion for a way of life. The passion I am looking at is the Passion that we should have for our self.

As a woman, I have for a long time felt that I could not be self-ish enough not to give what, at the time, I felt was a limited amount of money to myself instead of my children.

It was a hard lesson that without putting myself in the equation it made creating for myself so hard. Yet, I would always squeek by. So, I thought that was the lesson. If you persevere, you make it to the mountain top. Well, it is a hell of a climb that way. It does not make for a happy, happy life.

As I learned that I must put my feelings first, and really kept that concept in the front of my mind, my life started to become much more peaceful. There seemed to be a more enduring love that I was feeling not only for others in my life. I also feel it coming from others.

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