To Stand in the truth for Self

As I look back at my life that has passed, I can say that the hardest thing for me was to just stand in what I truly was and am.

I always felt like I should try and fit in. I am a very social kind of person and so to be with people is what I have gravitated to. Yet, I always felt apart from them all. I did not see the need for intrigue that seems to follow people around when they simply do not tell the truth about themselves. Yet I found myself embroiled in it every time I turned around.

I would constantly ask myself, “why can not people tell the truth about themselves? What is so hard about just being who you are?” Yet there I was… not being who I was.

As I have walked my life there were things I knew I was to learn about myself. I was to learn patience, to learn that one needs to stand in their true feelings, and what being in the truth really means.

This is not the time to share all the stories that I went through to get to a place in my life to be able to really walk into the knowledge and the wisdom of these three concepts. The beauty of the walk I have taken is that I can say,  ‘Today I am more able to stand in the truth of who I am.”

That standing in the truth is the most loving thing one can do for themselves. Standing in our feelings, and not our emotions, allows us to have peace and tranquility with anything that is going on in our life. The one that was the hardest for me was to learn patience. I was not a very patient person when I was just young. I thought I was waiting for others, as they were learning their lessons of life. That was, of course, not the case… it was to have the grace to have patience with myself as I stumbled and faltered in standing in whom I am. I have always, from my first memories, had knowings about things around me and others. I was born with a deep faith, I have never doubted that the Universe is a wonderful, magical place so what ever happened I knew God was there to protect me. My concept about God has grown and deepened.

As I walked through my life I know understand it was just to stand in the fact that I do and did know. As I have walked I have gained the grace to understand that each person has the God given right to take as long or as short a time to learn their life lessons as they need and want. And that patience is in learning whether the timing for their lessons is going to match the timing of your life lessons. It is the very thing that lets us know when our creations are coming to their conclusions or if we walk a little further and let those who are not matching your vibrations go on about their life lessons at their God given rights time. When this is understood it stops many a heart break, as well as the struggle of of the question, “Why am I here?”

I have learned it is not in the proving to others that you know when and where things need to be done, but just to stand in the truth for yourself. That is where the truth is for self. For in the end, as you stand simply for the Universal truth, all will be seen and you are and have stood in peace and tranquility through it all.

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide…

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