To Live Is To Learn

One of the greatest gifts that I have learned is that to experience life is to learn that you can do no wrong. You can decide if the choices that you’re making feel good; You can learn that you must take care of yourself first. You can learn, by taking care of yourself, that the good that comes into your life can spill over to the ones you love.

Yet, we must learn that we can not do for others. We must learn to understand and use our feelings. It is when we stand in the center of our heart for ourselves that we can have those things we most desire. For with desire, we learn that our truest feelings can become our life experience.

As long as we feel anger, or upset, or mistrust, sadness, we are still learning how to have our feelings lead us to the truth. For we must always remember what our feelings are right now, is what we are going to experience in our lives tomorrow. So, learning to read our true feelings, and only then, letting them be our guide, is to have a better life.

Living, practicing how to have feelings that then bring us the best experiences in our life is what this is all about. Everything is at our finger tips when we allow true love to filter down into our hearts. Let it speak to you at all times. Even and always when you want to pull your hair out, or scream because of the horrors of the day.

Take a deep breath… pull it into your lungs deeply… as you let it out slowly fill yourself with peace. Only you are in charge of how you respond to any given scenario. Truly this is the secret. Of course it takes practice. For we are the only one that knows our own heart. It is up to us to open up to love. As we do that we can begin to look around us. We can see that love does protect our heart. So, here we begin to look and teach ourselves that we get to have all of our feelings, our heart desires, come to us and be a part of our lives.

It is really a simple idea  … yes just try… to live is to learn!

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